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A few months ago I sold my Kindle Fire in order to buy an iPad.  Originally, I intended to buy a refurbished iPad 3 ($379) because it was cheaper than a new iPad 2 ($399) and still came with the same warranty as a brand new iPad.  The Apple store online was out of the refurbished iPad 3 so I headed down to the local Apple Store on my lunch break to have a look at the Mini, not intending to buy it at all.

When I picked up the Apple Mini I knew immediately that this was the tablet for me.  Compared to the full-sized iPads in the store, the iPad Mini feels like a feather in your hands.


Three Reasons I Bought the iPad Mini

1. Compatibility with existing apps I’d reviewed or purchased for my iPhone.  I already had some money invested in apps that I’d purchased for my iPhone.  I was reluctant double my spending in order to purchase apps for the Kindle too.

2. It’s the right size for kids to use.  One of my biggest concerns about the iPad has always been its size and weight.  Kids don’t always have a firm grip on things and I was afraid my younger kids would drop the larger iPad.  The iPad Mini is slightly larger than the Kindle Fire but still weighs less making it a good device for younger kids to use.

3. Fits my budget better than the larger devices.  Although I still paid a premium for an Apple device, the iPad Mini fits my budget much better than the other iPad models.  It’s $70 less than the iPad 2 and has better features.

Although I sold my Kindle Fire, I still recommend it over the iPad for families on a budget who want a tablet that they can use in their homeschool. The price is right and the FreeTime feature makes it much easier to manage what apps your kids ca access, how much time they spend using the Kindle, and you can easily block Internet access. My current recommendation for a “low-cost” tablet is the Nexus 7. At $199 it provides superb value for homeschoolers looking to buy a tablet. Like the Kindle Fire, it offers multiple user accounts and global parental controls that can be tailored for each account.

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