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As you’re listening to this podcast I’m at the Northeast Great Homeschool Convention but that doesn’t mean there’s no podcast. In fact, this week I’m covering Apple’s recent hardware and software announcements at WWDC 2012.

Each year Apple invites developers to San Francisco to see what’s coming down the pipe and this year Apple amazed everyone with their new product announcements.  

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So what goodies await geeky homeschoolers around the world?  Here’s a rundown –

New Macbook Pro with Retina Display

The entire Macbook line saw a refresh with faster processors, more RAM better graphics, and the availability of flash RAM as a HDD alternative. Apple’s new Macbook Pro stole the show, however, it is the most technologically advanced consumer laptop on the planet.  Thin is in with the new Macbook Pro.  It weighs in at 4.46 lbs and has a profile of only .71 inches.  A stunning 15.4″ Retina display with 2880×1800 pixels is backed by a GeForce GT 650M video card with 1 GB or VRAM.  Up to 16GB of RAM and 786GB of flash RAM storage complement a quad-core, i7 2.3 GHz Intel processor.  Battery life is expected to be around 7 hours.  This new piece of tech will run you at least $2199.  A guy can dream…

Hundreds of updates to iOS and Mac OS X

Apple touted around 200 updates to upcoming releases of Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Only a handful were highlighted and most look impressive. New features for Safari, iCloud services, Facebook integration, and Chinese support spanned both platforms. iOS and OS X are looking a lot like each other these days. It seems that features are added to each platform and the integration between your Mac and your iPhone are even tighter now. The new Power Nap feature for Mountain Lion keeps your Mac up-to-date while it hibernates. On your handheld iOS devices, the addition of FaceTime over cellular is a great plus. You’ll no longer be tied to a wi-fi connection to keep in touch.


There are many more features and updates coming to Apple in the near future. If you haven’t watched the keynote, you can watch it online at http://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2012/ or watch it in iTunes.  More information about iOS 6 can be found at http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/ and visit http://www.apple.com/osx/ for more information about Mountain Lion.

JD Sutter sent me an email last week reminding me that there are several online resources that folks can use to download videos from YouTube. This is helpful if you don’t want your kids browsing around their service looking for the tutorials I mentioned in last week’s podcast.  I hand a lapse in brain activity last week while recording so I failed to mention this.  Some of my favorites are KeepVid and ZamZar.  Thanks for jogging my memory, JD.

Finally, Id like to mention a new homeschooling podcast that I think some of you will like.  The Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast just started and they’re doing a great job.  Tina and Beckie talk about everything under the sun as it relates to homeschooling.  Both of these ladies do a great job sharing their passion and enthusiasm for homeschooling.  Check them out and tell them I sent you!



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