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If you own an iOS device of any kind (iPod/iPad/iPhone) you’ve probably got iTunes installed on on your home computer.  iTunes is Apple’s portal to managing content (music/videos/apps/books) on all their devices.  Whether you’re using iTunes on OS X or Windows, there are valuable tools at your disposal for managing the content you allow your children to download, view, and purchase.

In part three of this series on iTunes and iOS, I’ll be covering iTunes parental controls.  Parental controls go hand-in-hand with iTunes allowances and iOS restrictions.

I’ll be addressing iTunes 10 parental controls. for information about other versions of iTunes please see Apple’s website about iTunes parental controls.

Configuring iTunes Parental Controls

To access parental controls, Windows users should click Edit >> Preferences and Mac users should choose Preferences from the iTunes menu.

There really isn’t much here to configure but it does help with restricting the type of content available in iTunes. Just because you have restrictions enabled on a device doesn’t mean that the content is unavailable on your desktop or laptop.

You can choose to disable:

  • Podcasts
  • Radio
  • iTunes Store
  • Ping
  • Shared Libraries

You can also enable content restrictions. First, pick the country’s rating system you want to use then select ratings for:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Apps

Finally, you can choose whether or not to allow explicit content. This may seem redundant but it is necessary because some unwanted content could slip through the cracks via podcasts and music.

Additional topics

Apple has patched Mac OS 10.6 and up against the Flashback/Flashfake trojan
Several anti-virus companies have now released a removal tool for Flashback/Flashfake but Apple is still working on it.
Windows updates were released this week and every version is affected including third-party applications so make sure you get updated.
LastPass for iOS review
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