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The Apple TV allows owners of iPods, iPhones, and iPads to stream media from their devices to their television. It also includes a number of other features like Netflix and YouTube integration.

In part four of this series on iTunes and iOS, I’ll be covering AppleTV parental controls and wrapping up this series. Joel Dittmer reminded me via Twitter about the Apple TV and its parental controls.

Just like other Apple devices the Apple TV’s parental controls are easy to configure. They’re not as granular as other devices but if you’re using them in conjunction with iTunes parental controls then they should suffice.

To access the parental controls on Apple TV goto Settings >> General >> Parental Controls. When prompted enter a passcode. Next you can configure whether to Show, Ask, or Hide options. Ask will prompt for your passcode. Don’t forget to head down to Purchase & Rental and configure it to Ask or Hide so that the little ones can’t view previews for “General Audiences”.

Some of the options in the Apple TV parental controls

These settings tie in nicely with parental controls and restrictions for other iOS devices and really helps to provide a safer experience for your children. With supervision and these controls in place you can expose your children to great technology without exposing them to objectionable content.

Now that I’ve covered how to manage restrictions and parental controls on a myriad of Apple devices and iTunes I’d like to hear from you. Do you use iOS restrictions and parental controls in iTunes. Were you aware they existed before listening to the podcast or reading the blog posts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Rtful

    Apple has forgotten one ket ingredient……..your kids can see the pass code on the TV screen!  My teenagers are not going to leave the room while I punch in the code.   Is there any other way to manage controls?

    • Using a remote for security is troublesome.  If there was a keypad on the remote it would be much more secure.

  • Twisterlight

    Apple should add a netflix setting to disable the search for netflix search and genre so kids can only 500 instant and just for kids we dont need all the other stuff. 

    • I believe that is control via your Netflix account.  I don’t have an Apple TV but that’s how it works on my Roku XD.

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