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Tim Tebow Law – Is it really good for homeschoolers?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the “Time Tebow” laws that are in various state legislatures around the U.S. I have some mixed feelings about such laws. I live a highly-regulated state and I really don’t want to give the state another reason to scrutinize my homeschooling. On the other hand, I understand the viewpoint that we still pay school taxes and so our children should be allowed to participate in the same extra-curricular activities as public school students.

Geek Dads have something to hide?

I posted an infographic earlier this week pertaining to “geek dads” and the greatness of being a dad who’s technically savvy. However, there are some downsides to being a “geek dad” like the ability to hide our activities.

Class Dismissed Shares the Stories of Homeschooling Families

Class Dismissed looks like it’s going to be a great film about homeschooling. It appears to be coming from a secular point of view but that’s OK. There’s more reasons to homeschooling than religious and moral reasons. While those are the primary reasons that my wife and I cite, we also have other reasons not associated with our faith.

Urban Homeschoolers Seem to Carry More Clout

An article in Newsweek titled, Why Urban, Educated Parents Are Turning to DIY Education, seems to subtly imply that those who homeschool in urban areas and for non-religious reasons are more “normal”. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great article but I can’t help but sense that the writer is implying that those of us who homeschool for religious or moral reasons aren’t as justified as our secular counterparts. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Homeschool Dad Tip

Offer to help you wife with the homeschooling when you come home. Do this before she asks you to help! I know, you’ve had a long day at work but she has too. If there is still any schooling left to be done you can help carry the burden.


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  • Ben Urban

    Great episode. Here’s some suggested tech for you to cover in future episodes: Evernote. I actually tore up a few of our homeschool workbooks and scanned them in as individual pages. Between Evernote’s on-the-fly OCR and its saved searches functionality, I can target (for printing) only those exercise pages corresponding to certain days of the week or letters of the alphabet (I’m homeschooling Kindergarten).

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to try that. Did you scan them using a flatbed scanner or use your camera to take pictures of the pages?

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