Homeschooling Alert – WHS 33

This time on The Wired Homeschool I discuss the news about Minnesota’s new homeschooling legislation, the decision of Rebecca Black’s parents to homeschool, and review the iOS app Oregon Trail.

Make sure you check out the press releases I’m now placing on the website.

Sources for finding homeschooling news:

How to setup a Google alert:

Note: in the episode I stated that you would need a Google account to setup a Google alert.  That is only partially correct.  If you want to send the alerts to an RSS feed you will need an account, however, just to send alerts to an email address that’s not necessary.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your search string into the search box
  3. Choose what type of information you want in the alert (Everything, News, Blogs, Video Discussions)
  4. Choose how often you want the alert to update (As-it-happens, Once a day, Once a week)
  5. Choose the quality of content (Only the best results, All results)
  6. Choose the email address you want the alert sent to.  If you’re registered you’ll have the option of creating an RSS feed.

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