The Homeschool Dad’s Guide to Getting Lucky – WHS 32

Welcome back! After taking some time off in the Summer I’m back to releasing podcasts on a semi-regular basis.

In this week’s podcast I discuss the plan going forward for the podcast which will be released at least 2x a month.

I review the excellent e-book The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky by Marla Taviano (@marlataviano). Husbands: you want this book. Wives: you want to buy this book for your husband. It’s only $2.99 so buy it now!

[Added 3/28/2017] In the episode I don’t share enough about the book. I’ve fleshed out my thoughts on each of the chapters so husbands (and wives) can get a better sense of the topics covered in the book

The Six Steps

  1. Know Your Woman – Fortunately we only have to try to understand one woman: our wife! Marla Gives some great tips for figuring our your woman’s needs.
  2. Guard Your Eyes – Only have eyes for your wife. Thinking about her and only her will help make her the woman of your dreams (literally).
  3. Earn Her Respect – Don’t make it hard for your wife to respect you. Give her reasons to have a respectful relationship with you.
  4. Pray for Her – Pretty simple. We’re commanded to pray for our wives. If you’re not a Christian, encourage your wife and think highly of her.
  5. Slow It Down – The goal isn’t to get to the end zone in under two minutes, guys.
  6. Get It On – Get creative and figure out what your wife likes and wants and she’ll do the same for you.

A student in Dickson county Tennessee isn’t allowed to participate in the school district’s middle school football program.

Shaun Groves recently wrote about his desire to allow homeschoolers equal access to sports programs.

SocialGuard from Zone Alarm allows parents to monitor their child’s Facebook account.

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