Scholaric Review – WHS 20


Note: Since this interview the application has been re-branded as Scholaric and the links and information may be out of date.

Jeff Schmitz has put together a promising online lesson planning tool for homeschoolers: Cognitius.  Today’s podcast will feature a review of Cognitius as well as some other news about the podcast.

Cognitius prides itself in being simple but effective:

The simplest homeschool record keeping system available. Fewer settings. No unnecessary features. Only one field required to enter a lesson.

It delivers on that promise and is quite easy to use. This is a beta application, meaning it’s still being actively developed, so it’s important to remember that everything will not be perfect. However, Jeff is listening to feed back and your use of the software and feedback will help to improve Cognitius over time.

I highly recommend that you check it out, give it a test drive and let Jeff know what you think about the tool.

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Next week I plan to provide a review of 4 browsers that you can use on your Mac or Windows computer.


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