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Today on The Wired Homeschool I provide you with a feature review of X3 Watch and compare it with Covenant Eyes. While this is not a feature-to-feature comparison I think it will provide you with enough information to decide which product would be best for you to use.

I also reiterate why you should be using an accountability product and the importance of using it with a content filter.

Full disclosure: I’m a Covenant Eyes affiliate and receive payment if you purchase Covenant Eyes using my promotional code embedded in the links. I did not, however, receive any payment for the production of this podcast.

What is X3 Watch?

X3watch is an accountability software program helping with online integrity. Whenever you browse the Internet and access a site, which may contain questionable material, the program will record the site name, time, and date the site was visited. A person of your choice (an accountability partner) will receive an email containing all possible questionable sites you may have visited within the month. This information is meant to encourage open and honest conversation between friends and help us all be more accountable. Source–http://x3watch.com

X3 Watch Free Features

  • Email accountability reports every 2 or 4 weeks
  • Up to 2 accountability partners
  • Single user account
  • Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X

X3 Watch Pro Features

  • Email accountability reports every 1 or 2 weeks
  • Up to 3 accountability partners
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Technical Support
  • Windows XP/Vista/7

Mobile Versions
X3 Watch is also available on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch for $0.99 and in the Android Marketplace for $6.99. Unlike the iVersions of X3 Watch, the Android version actually runs in the background and monitors all Internet activity on your Android device just like the desktop version. The iPhone version requires you to disable Safari before using X3 Watch.


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