2024 Total Solar Eclipse: Best Resources For Homeschoolers

Aug. 21 Eclipse by NASA Marshall’s Joe Matus

A total solar eclipse doesn’t come around very often in North America. The last one was in 2017 and it was spectacular! 

Solar eclipses come in predictable patterns and the next total eclipse in North America is on April 8th, 2024. Before the eclipse in 2017, it had been 40 years since the last total eclipse in the United States.

The eclipse will cast a shadow across 13 states as it moves across the country. If you’re along the path of totality, you’ll see the sky plunge into darkness for up to 4 minutes during the day. If you live where the total solar eclipse isn’t visible, you’ll still see a beautiful partial eclipse.

You’ll want to make sure you have protective eyewear for safely viewing the eclipse. In 2017, supplies ran out quickly. Counterfeit and inferior products flooded online retailers and left people without protective eyewear for viewing the eclipse. Make sure you’re buying eclipse-viewing glasses that are safe and approved for solar viewing.

Here are the Best Resources for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

  • NASA Eclipses Page – NASA’s official site for eclipses. Get the latest news and scientific data about upcoming eclipses. Look for an official page from NASA for the 2024 total eclipse soon. 
  • Great American Eclipse – Here you’ll find a lot of great original content like videos, posters, and graphics as well as information about eclipse parties in every state. Besides NASA’s website, this is the one I recommend to most people.
  • Time and Date – Great North American Eclipse – Time and Date is a great resource for quickly determining what time it is anywhere in the world. They also have great information on eclipses and other astronomical events.
  • Eclipse 2024 – Provides a lot of great general information about the upcoming eclipse and detailed information about viewing in specific cities along the path of totality.
  • Kids Eclipse – Designed for grades K thru 6th grade, Kids Eclipse is produced by an elementary school teacher to guide children through this spectacular and mystical celestial event.
  • Mr. Eclipse – Technical information from a retired NASA astrophysicist and eclipse expert. Includes thorough explanations of the event with links and resources.

John Wilkerson

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