The Homeschool Experiment Giveaway at Familyman Ministries – The Wired Homeschool

Mother’s Day isn’t that far off and I never know what to get for my wife.  When I ask her what she wants she says, “Nothing.”  Translation: I should have been paying attention to the conversations we had about stuff that doesn’t involve a microprocessor.

I usually end up having the kids make some cards and we serve her breakfast in bed before going to church.  Sometimes I find a little something to give her that celebrates her mom-ness along with a bouquet of flowers.

I want to get my wife geeky stuff like a 27″ iMac Pro, Kindle Fire or an iPad but we really can’t afford it and she’s not a geeky lady.  OK, I really want to get myself that stuff and say I got it for her.

My wife does like books and buying curriculum, however, so this giveaway by Todd Wilson and Familyman Ministries is right up my alley.

They’re giving away The Homeschool Experiment, a novel by Charity Hawkins and a $25 Amazon gift card.  A gift card to Amazon is kinda geeky. To qualify for the giveaway share, tweet, pin, or blog about it. For more details and to enter go to Familyman Ministries.

Is your wife (or husband) a geek? What kind of geeky things have you given her/him as a gift?

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