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  • Jeremy S

    I just found your podcast about a month ago and have been trying to catch up on old episodes. Imagine my disappointment when I see the latest one come across saying it was over. I would enjoy if you would keep going, as I’ve already found some very useful insights, but I can understand that you have limited time, so either way, good luck to you my friend.

  • Stephen Brown II

    My only interaction with this has so far been the podcast, so I’d be sad to see it go, but I totally understand if other things take priority. After all, there are only so many things we can do in our limited spare time, especially with 7 kids! I’d be happy even with a monthly podcast coming out, with perhaps a summary of what you’ve been blogging about, to perhaps lighten your load, but if it’s not possible, again, you’ve done a great good so far.

  • Marisa Harder-Chapman

    I’m a bit behind on my podcasts, so I was surprised to see that you were ending your podcast (when I searched for you because I’m looking for some app recommendations). THEN I saw this post. 🙂 I do hope you continue to podcast – it is the only way I get a chance to take in info right now. I can listen to podcasts while I garden, cook, clean, excercise, etc – as much as I’d love to read blogs, it just isn’t happening right now. PS Just voted.

  • Marty Keith

    I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts for quite some time! I was disappointed last week (#97) to hear it would be the last, BUT…as a homeschooling mom of a 12-year old son with Autism, I totally understand that some things in life have to be put away. We just can’t do everything! However, if you decide to continue the podcast I will love it! I will be sure that I am subscribed to your blog via email, just in case.

    NOTE: I like podcasts because they don’t have to slow me down. I can listen to them while doing other stuff. I actually absorb more information if I am able to see the words AND hear them as well, but that takes more time. So, sometimes I listen to a podcast several times! When audio is not included with something that I could benefit from reading, I often use text-to-speech tools to achieve the same effect.

    Thanks so much for all you do!! – Tennessee Mom

  • Adrian Salinas

    One of the great attributes of technology is that it allows people to enjoy and learn in many different ways depending on their interests. While some gain the most from blogs, for example, others prefer podcasts. In my case I find the portability of podcasts favorable because they permit me to listen while I’m on the go.

    More significantly the podcast medium allows me to share the listening experience with my children whereby it becomes another element of our home schooling experience. Together we learn something about technology as we drive around town or on longer family trips.

    Further (and perhaps ironically) as the author you are less likely to obtain feedback from podcast listeners because by our very nature we are not already online reading the blog with keyboard at the ready. But rest assured that we are here and that we thoroughly enjoy your work.

    Keep up the great job.

  • Well John, you know I’m all for seeing the podcast continue. I see the challenge though with getting people to become engaged.

    You have much more experience with it all than me, so I’m supportive either way.

  • I’ve enjoyed the podcast and would like to see it continued. However, I understand the demands on time/energy/resources and realize that you can only do so much. Seems to me that the decision should be between you, your family, and God….

  • Wendy McGee

    My kids and I have listened to every single podcast you have put out. I cant tell you how much you have enriched our homeschool experience, not to mention the other families I pass bits of info on to who are not as tech invested as we are. I dont read many blogs b/c i cant multi-task while reading but if you do stop the podcasr (which I truly hope you do not) i will follow what ever platform you are using. You have become a trusted advisor in our homeschool. Thanks for your guidance and wisdom as we have started our homeschooling the past couple of years. Please know that we support you in whatever endeavors you feel led to persue. Gratitude and Blessings, Tne McGee Family

  • Lori Silsbee

    Have very much appreciated the podcast filling in where I was ignorant. Loved the podcast format as I don’t have time to sit and read blogs. Loved being able to download and keep going, listening when I had time while doing various other activities. Some episodes I have listened to several times. Would love to see it continue if possible…perhaps less frequent episodes would help?

  • Tre Palacios

    I’m a homeschooling mom and have come to depend upon getting reliable information from your wonderful podcast. I frequently refer back to them and recommend different episodes to my friends. If at all possible, please don’t go away!

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