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I’m please to bring you this interview with Spencer Whitman from AppCertain. AppCertain is a fantastic app that informs you about the features and content apps installed on your child’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It’s a valuable tool and resource for every parent that wants to teach their kids how to use the Internet, apps, and social media responsibly.

About Spencer Whitman

Co-Founder and CEO of AppCertain. Spencer is passionate about solving problems that have an impact on people’s lives. Spencer Whitman co-founder and CEO of AppCertainAfter over ten years of studying and working at Columbia University and Carnegie Mellon University in topics ranging from computer security to distributed systems, Spencer was eager for a new challenge and left to start AppCertain. Spencer is also dedicated to seeing the entrepreneurial community in Pittsburgh, PA grow and thrive. Spencer has a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a BS in Computer Science, both from Carnegie Mellon University.

About AppCertain

app-certain-iconGet notifications emailed to you every time an app is installed on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Create an AppCertain account, easily install a security profile on the device you’d like to monitor, and we’ll email you simple and enlightening reports of every app that gets downloaded.


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Reports include a short description of the app and if the app contains:

  • Educational value
  • Access to inappropriate or adult themed content
  • In app purchases
  • Location tracking
  • Ads
  • Sharing through social networks, email, or in app communication
  • Contact list access
  • Photo access
  • More information is constantly being added!


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