Smart Homes, Smart Toys How Kids Use Technology at Home – Infographic

Smart Homes Smart Toys How Kids Use Technology

Smart Homes Smart Toys

If you’ve made the decision to homeschool your children, remember that technology can be your ally. Children living in this digital age are already used to interacting with technology every day, so integrating it into the learning curriculum can facilitate the learning process.

Even so, there are important reasons why you need to be mindful of the extent to which your children use technology. Consider some examples from tech titans present and past. Bill Gates did not permit his kids to have their own smartphones until they reached 13 years old, and Steve Jobs never allowed his young kids to use iPads. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider technology for younger children — but you should be more vigilant with younger kids.

There are indeed some interesting ways that you can use smart home technology and smart toy technology to make homeschooling a more interactive experience for you and yours. What follows is a look at specific smart home technology and smart toy technology to consider.

Smart Home

Smart Baby Monitor

While this sort of technology is specifically designed to help you keep tabs on your baby while you’re not in the room, you can easily repurpose this technology to serve as a way to monitor your homeschooling children. So if you use the kitchen table for your children’s schooling area, you can set up a smart baby monitor in the kitchen to ensure that your kids are doing what they should be doing whether that be writing, researching, or reading. And if you do decide to use the smart baby monitor for its intended purpose at night, be sure not to keep device close to your child’s head since the radio frequency radiation emitted from the device could disrupt non-REM sleep. And you definitely don’t want to have to deal with a sleep-deprived baby in the morning!

Smart Toys


Toys like Ozobots can actually help your children to learn about coding. The fact is that coding, otherwise known as programming, can help kids to get ahead as this skill is in high demand. Perhaps in the future coding capability will be seen as a component of basic literacy in society.

Galaxy Tracker Smart Telescope

You can make lessons on astronomy or science come alive by taking a telescope and looking up at the stars. The Galaxy Tracker Smart Telescope, with its embedded smart technology, will actually help your children to find stars in the sky.

Things to Consider

When it comes to technology, you need to remember that connecting your children to the outside world via technology also means connecting the outside world to your children. So for any products you buy, comb over the manufacturers’ policies for storing and sharing of your children’s data. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of not relying too much on technology. So be sure to consider screen-free time to keep your children from being tethered to their smartphones, computers, and tablets.

With the right balance, you can definitely incorporate technology into your homeschooling environment — your children will thank you!

Smart Homes, Smart Toys How Kids Use Technology at Home

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