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Privacy and accountability go hand-in-hand. Parents have a moral obligation to protect the privacy of their children.

Brad McFadden wrote an excellent article about privacy and accountability in our families. In it, he discusses why privacy is important and how accountability helps to protect a family’s privacy. Here’s and excerpt of that article:

As parents we should be very mindful of our children’s privacy. We should also foster openness within our families. Openness encourages trust, honesty, liberty and acceptance. Secrets are destructive to relationships and an ongoing tolerance of secrets is fertile ground for mistrust, deception and unfaithfulness. Privacy itself, however, is not a negative attribute. As our children get older their sense of privacy develops and grows. As parents we must mold and help them understand their new inner desire for privacy. Just like with all their maturing personal needs and desires it is our responsibility to teach them what is appropriate and what is not. It seems to me there is a growing confusion between privacy, secretiveness, openness and accountability. With the following principles I attempt to bring some distinctive clarity as I examine privacy, its value and its limits.

Read the rest of the article at Grace Junkies.

Besides the moral and philosophical reasons for protecting privacy, there are also practical steps parents can take to protect the privacy of their children. This hand infographic gives some great advice.

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