How to View a Solar Eclipse With a Pringles Can

Pringles Can Solar Viewer

Looking for a safe way to view the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, without spending too much money? Don’t have solar eclipse glasses? Try making a Pringles can solar viewer!

If you don’t own solar eclipse glasses, this method will allow you to view an eclipse safely and it won’t break the bank. It’s also a great project for your kids!

Here’s a video showing how to make a Pringles can solar viewer. Note the measurements are metric.

The concept here is very simple: It’s a pinhole camera or camera obscura. It takes a lot of light and focuses it on a very small area.

The trade-off is that you give up image quality when using this method versus eclipse glasses. Remember: Never look directly at the sun! Always use proper eye protection.

You can create one using a shoebox, shipping tube, or any other box. A Pringles can works great because you don’t need to seal the flaps to block out the light. Just remember that you need a full-sized can and not a short one.

Don’t forget to have your kids decorate their solar viewer too!

John Wilkerson

John Wilkerson combines over 20 years of professional experience in the computer industry with 17 years of homeschooling 7 children to give parents easy to understand advice on the application of technology in their homes.

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