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I’ve talked in the past about how blogging can help your children (and you) in your homeschooling. Today, I’m sharing the ways which podcasting can help your student in their education.

First, listening to podcasts can broaden your child’s learning experience.  Most podcasts are free and most people don’t profit from their podcasting.  That means you’re listening to people who are passionate enough about a topic to share their knowledge for free.  It gives your child a fresh perspective on topics.  You can find many podcasts about various topics in the iTunes store.

Second, by podcasting your child can learn the ins and outs of audio production, social media, and how Internet technology works.  Podcasting is not something every family may want to do but it can be a great learning experience.  Your child will have to organize his thoughts, research a topic, and develop his speaking skills.  It’s a great learning experience.

If you don’t know how to podcast you can learn how to podcatst for free with Cliff Ravenscraft’s Learn How To Podcasting 101 course.  It’s a great starter course and will teach you eveything you need to know to start podcasting.

If you start a podcast, be sure top share your podcast in the comments below.

Other things mentioned in the podcast:

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