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UPDATE: Check out my blog post titled iOS 7 Restrictions – Parental Controls for Safari Tutorial for a walk-thru of these settings.

Due out in the fall of this year, iOS 7 will feature long-awaited parental controls for their Safari browser. It remains to be seen what kind of controls will be implemented but I’m sure there will be leaks over the next few months from developers about the new feature.

appstore_kids_screenTo date, parental controls in iOS have been lackluster and parents and Internet safety advocates have requested stronger and more refined controls over devices. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD release Free Time to much fanfare last year which offer great parental controls and many users of Apple products cried out for similar controls in Apple products.

It looks like Apple has listened to the rising cry from parents and educators and we’ll finally get those parental controls we’ve wanted.

See these settings in action: iOS 7 Restrictions – Parental Controls for Safari Tutorial

Apple’s press release about iOS 7 contains the following statement about Safari parental controls:

Enhanced Parental Controls allow you to automatically block access to adult websites or only allow access to a specific set of permitted websites.

As far as I know, no other details or images of these parental controls have been made available. UPDATE: John Saddington hooked me up with some pics of the restrictions settings pages and Safari parental controls.

As you can see, you can either “Limit Adult Content” or block all websites except specific ones. It’s progress but I’d like to know what constitutes “adult content”. Also, it would be nice to filter site based upon age/grade rather than a blanket block which still may allow inappropriate content through.

Also announced, was the ability to search the app store by age group. This is great for parents looking for apps for a specific child. Hopefully, they will not use the app rating as this is quite useless because apps like CNN are rated 4+ despite the fact that they have browsers incorporated in them.

More information about iOS 7 and its new feature can be found in the WWDC 2013 Keynote address.

iOS 7 will be compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (5th Generation) and not all new features will be available on all devices.

What new features in iOS 7 are you excited about?

  • Peter

    What restrictions can be placed on the new Bing or Wikipedia search facility in Siri?

    • Unknown at this point. I don’t have a copy of iO7 and Apple hasn’t indicated what, if any, restrictions there will be. I’m hoping it will use the Safari restrictions.

  • Dominic Berg

    This looks pretty much not any different than what can be done in today’s iOS. I don’t understand what they are really adding. What would help is disabling kids from being able to delete browser history and also log time spent in browser or sites. Time limits would be great too. Kindle FreeTime really listened to parents. I don’t think Apple has one iota.

    • Dominic Berg

      Alright, now I see the difference between Safari today and what is planned. Still looks like weak evolution. Give me time limits, site history tracking, and time log capabilities and I’ll say it is progress.

      • Yes, it’s progress. This one area where Apple slowly follows behind other companies.

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