Top Posts and Podcasts for 2017 – WHS 221

Top Posts and Podcasts of 2017

Throughout the year it’s interesting to see which posts and podcasts are the most popular with my readers and listeners. I’m not counting only those posts published this year. I’m counting the ones that got the most reads or listens.

I never really know how people hear about my posts. Every year I’m amazed that people even come by to read the articles I write.

With podcasts, usually the ones published earlier in the year fare the best unless one goes viral. This year the top three were released in the first three months of the year.

So, without further ado, here are the top posts and podcasts for 2017. Continue Reading →


10 More Internet Safety Tips for Homeschoolers – WHS 220

10 More Internet Safety Tips for Homeschoolers

As our kids grow up, we begin to give them a little bit more freedom. Maybe they get a smartphone or a laptop for themselves. This can be a scary time for parents who are concerned about the safety of their children.

If your teen has a device and you’re concerned about their online activity, here are 10 Internet Safety Tips for Homeschoolers that will keep teens safer online.

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Homeschool Wiring Diagram #3

The Wired Homeschool Wiring Diagram #3Alexa skills for kids, stolen iPhones, and news about Netflix’s latest hit are featured in this week’s wiring diagram.

The goal of these posts is to share interesting tech-related news and to try and identify trends or topics that you may want to incorporate into homeschooling. Continue Reading →


Body Image and Instagram – Infographic

Instagram Body Image Issues in TeensWhile media has come a long way in its portrayal of body image, we are still far from fully embracing images that represent every ‘body.’ Teens and younger tweens are faced with images daily that impact the way they view their own bodies…and contribute to what they perceive as the ideal for beauty.

In the 90s, Kate Moss’ thin aesthetic gave way to the waif ideal. However, the grunge movement and the Riot Grrrl musicians in that same decade helped teens and younger women see other ideas of what it meant to be female.

Today’s teens, however, are faced with curated and contrived images of beauty. Thanks to Instagram filters and the wonders of photoshop, bodies can be tweaked, faces can be glossed over and a look can be flawlessly transformed. Reality, it seems, is virtually blurred.  Continue Reading →


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