NYS LEAH Launches New Convention Website – The Wired Homeschool

The 2012 NYS LEAH Upstate Convention is set to take place May 31st – June 2nd and you can visit their new website at http://www.leahconference.com

Here at LEAH, we take homeschooling seriously. We understand the challenges facing homeschoolers today, and the also the rewards that come from giving your children the very best education, from home!

We hope that this website provides the information you need about the 2012 LEAH Homeschool Conference, and we look forward to seeing you in Rochester!

View the list of speakers, vendors, workshop schedules, and register online. This year’s headlining speaking is John Stonestreet from Summit Ministries. Mr. Stonestreet will be speaking about a Biblical worldview in his presentations. Check out all the workshops and more at http://www.leahconference.com

  • This is great! I was homeschooled and Never had a class on the computer… strange
    seeing as I have a career in Information Technology. I’m only 24 but when we do homeschool our kids I’m going to all over this type of learning

    Sharing: growing up physical book were sometimes shared(or passed down) between
    homeschooling families. I own a few kindle books and it is a pain to share
    them(if I can at all) and there is No resale. I would like to see more opensource
    curriculum… khan academy and alike.

    Page up

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