Nintendo Switch Initial Reaction and Other News – WHS 205

Nintendo Switch Initial Reaction and Other News

The Nintendo Switch console will be released in less than a month. While the system isn’t really something parents would consider educational, it’s possible some homeschoolers out there who like gaming will be getting the system.

Response has been mixed from the gaming community and I thought I’d share my thoughts as well as give an overview of the parental controls that will be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Overview

  • Smartphone app for managing parental controls
  • Time limit notifications (system-wide, per day)
  • Force suspend mode manually
  • Game use summary reports
  • Age restrictions
  • Online activity restrictions
  • More details at Nintendo’s Website

Sad Homeschooling News from New York

NYC schools have been reporting homeschooling parents to CPS for educational neglect. This is happening because the school district thinks parents need permissions from the district to homeschool. The law in New York states that if parents have filed the necessary paperwork they may homeschool without the consent of the school district.

In Buffalo, NY, a single homeschooling mother had her children placed in foster care and was arrested after she withdrew her children from public school. She had filed the required letter of intent but the district was marking her children absent and reported her to CPS. Since the incident, Kiarre Harris has been allowed supervised visits with her children for 2 hours a day.

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