Michael Prince: What’s in Your Pocket – WHS 188

Michael Prince: What’s in Your Pocket – WHS 188

In 2013 Michael Prince and his wife Melinda founded Because Family to inspire parents to be the first influence in the lives of their children. They believe that to accomplish that goal parents have to be aware of what their children are doing on their devices.

Since hitting the road with their children, Michael and Melinda have covered thousands of miles while homeschooling. Along their journey they’ve written a valuable resource for parents: What’s in Your Pocket? The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children Online.

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About the Book

What’s in Your Pocket? will inspire you to make time to be a student of the culture your children are growing up in. A major part of this culture is the technology that now consumes the lives of so many young people. Through scripture, statistics, technology tips, and stories of experiences, we will convince you that there is no more important task to give your precious time to than the task of learning about your children and their online world.

What’s in Your Pocket is a concise handbook that provides easy to understand and practical advice built upon a strong Biblical foundation. Michael and Melinda leverage their personal experience in teen ministry to show parents how to communicate with their children about technical, emotional, and spiritual topics. What’s in Your Pocket is a valuable tool for every parent who is struggling to guide their children in a constantly connected culture.

Find out more about What’s in Your Pocket at the BecauseFamily website or follow them on Facebook.

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