A Lesson for Homeschooling Parents: These are the 8 Apps to Use!

A Lesson for Homeschooling Parents: These are the 8 Apps to Use!

As a homeschooling parent, you’re certainly aware of all those apps that can help your child learn. Now, it’s time to go beyond that point: did you know there were tons of apps that homeschooling moms and dads can (and should) use?student_ipad_school - 030
You have the two most important and demanding roles in your child’s life: you’re both a parent and a teacher. Thus, it’s hard to preserve your sanity when you’re dealing with that much responsibility. The best apps for homeschooling parents will help you improve your teaching skills and gain the self-confidence that will make this journey more productive.


What’s the greatest difficulty you face when you try to achieve so many responsibilities in a day? Organizing! LifeTopix is more than a simple productivity app; it’s an in-depth organizer that will redefine the way you manage several aspects of your life, including finances, health, to-do lists, shopping, home and assets, and education. LifeTopix is available in the App Store for $7.99.


You don’t have to buy all those hardbacks that would have a devastating effect over your family budget. An e-reader with an appropriate reading app will save you a lot of money. Plus, it will be much more fun for your kid to use. You can download the Kindle Reading App for free, but you can also consider Nook or iBooks, depending on the device you use.


Are you one of those people who keep ignoring all recommendations for Evernote? It’s time to discover the full potential this app has. As a homeschooling parent, you can use it to save different files and notes, which you’ll be able to access from any device. Think about all those notes you can keep in a single app: research materials, to-do lists, lesson plans, student portfolios… the list is never-ending.


This effective app keeps modern families as organized as possible. It enables them to keep everyone’s activities and appointments in a single place, so they will coordinate the individual schedules to spend quality time together. You and your spouse will appreciate Cozi when you realize it helps you split the responsibilities around homeschooling in the most effective manner.

K12 Attendance

With this app, you can track the attendance of your child, so you’ll always know whether you’re on schedule with the program. You can review any missing attendance in the last ten days, so you’ll make sure to fill in the gaps before it’s too late.
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Screen Time

This app is all about helping children develop healthy media habits. It enables you to set the educative pages your kids can access, and then you can track the screen time they spend on those sites. They will earn screen time by completing pre-set goals and showing good behavior. The users can trade media time for productive learning activities, so you’ll encourage the child to take rest from the device.

Chore Pad

Is it hard for you to teach your child to be responsible with the most necessary daily tasks? Chore Pad is the motivation they need. The to-do app encourages children to make their beds, study, dust, put laundry away, brush their teeth, floss, and do everything you expect them to do without making them feel miserable. The award system will keep them motivated.

Homeschool Helper App

This is one of the essential apps that a homeschooler should rely on. It enables you to track the achievements of multiple students, so it’s perfect if you’re teaching more than one child at home. With Homeschool Helper, you can track the progress of your students over multiple school years, you’ll record their grades and track the lesson plans for up to 14 subjects. You can also use the app to plan field trips, manage book lists, calculate the GPA, track attendance, and track the time spent on each lesson.

There are many apps created with the purpose to make a homeschooler’s life easier. You have huge responsibilities that are not easy to handle, so you need all support you can get. Don’t hold back and start experimenting with the apps listed above. Then, you can tell us which ones worked well for you and your child.

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