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With the release of iOS 7 on September 18, 2013, Apple added the ability to configure parental controls for Safari. This provides a safer browsing experience for you and your kids when using the default browser that ships with every iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Configuring Restrictions

To access restrictions tap Settings > General > Restrictions. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit pass code. This should be different from the one you use to unlock the device, especially if you’re configuring restrictions for your children.

Once you’ve entered a pass code, you can choose to either disable Safari completely or limit the allowable content in the browser.

Choose between allowing:

  • All Websites
  • Limit Adult Content
  • Specific Websites Only

If you choose either restriction, you can also customize the allowed and restricted sites by either manually adding them or adding them as you come across the sites in Safari (watch the video to see how this is done).

While you’re in there, you’ll probably want to poke around at the other restrictions available. There will be more videos in the future about addition content and applications restrictions.

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  • Peter

    One of the issues I’ve notice in iOS 7 concerns the ability to search Twitter via Siri. You can find inappropriate material particularly tweet photos of pornography. It looks like the best approach for child safety is to turn Siri off under Restrictions.

    • I haven’t had time to play around with Siri and the new website restrictions. Turning off Siri is a good idea, though. It’s more of a novelty, in my opinion.

    • Peter

      Found out now that SIri can be restricted in iOS 7 from searching on Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter.

      Another question – do you know what the effect of selecting ‘Limit Adult Content’ is under the Safari settings in iOS 7? Is it a weak or strong filter?

      • Peter

        In correspondence with Covenant Eyes today they say:-

        The ‘Limited Adult Content’ feature that is available for iOS 7 is somewhat
        effective, however it does not block a lot of non-pornographic content that
        would rate highly on the Covenant Eyes Rating System.

        • That’s what I’ve found from my experimentation. Seems like the best option would be to use a white list for your kids.

        • I’ve found that out in my experimentation. Seems like the best option would be to go with a white list approach for your kids.

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