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This week features an interview I did with Scott Moore. I first heard Scott on Todd Wilson’s Todcast over at Familyman Ministries. He’s been doing hosting duties for the podcast and managing the social media presence over there for a few months now.

About Scott Moore

Scott MooreScott Moore is a writer and coach. His writings have been published in a variety of publications including Zondervan’s Collegiate Devotional Bible and the Cincinnati Enquirer. Throughout his years of professional and volunteer ministry work (youth, collegiate, men’s, and marriage), as well as his professional experience in human resources, he has worked to help people live out their calling and purpose.

Scott lives in Cincinnati with his wife and four children. In addition to writing and coaching men in their calling, he loves to pursue his passions of playing guitar and surfing.

Be sure to visit Scott’s blog, The Call of Men, and tell him I sent you!

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