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Today features an interview with Jason Bean, a fellow homeschooling dad and geek. Jason Bean is a husband, father of 2 and homeschool dad. A prolific blogger, covering topics like technology, current events, TV, music and more, Jason has been blogging since 2004.

Homeschool Daddy, a.k.a. Jason Bean, is a dad of two kids, Ethan and Abby and they are exploring their 3rd year of homeschooling. Jason works on supporting their family’s homeschool efforts by focusing on math and science and generally providing his suggestions in numerous other places, even without being asked. As he approaches being on this earth for four decades, he continually struggles to keep things balanced with family, church and running his own business providing web, social media and technology consulting support for clients (and numerous friends and family members).

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Music by Kevin Macleod.

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  • Homeschool Daddy

    Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed and be introduced to your readers and listeners. I really appreciate.

  • Ruth MacCarthaigh

    I just listened to the interview with Jason Bean and really enjoyed it. I am from Ireland and I am homeschooling my son who is now 15. We love homeschooling. I found some of the insights from Jason relevant and interesting. Thank you and well done.

    • I’m glad you liked it. What specifically did you take away from it?

    • HomeschoolDaddy

      Thanks for visiting John’s site and listening to our interview. Is your husband actively involved in homeschooling your son? It seems husbands are few and far between that are actively involved other than just doing their best to support the family by working hard and helping pay all the bills so wives can focus on the schooling more. I’m also hoping that if I can ever achieve my dream of bringing my family to Ireland we’ve got a place to stay right?

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