The Wired Homeschool Needs Your Vote

The Wired Homeschool Needs Your Vote

Good news! The Wired Homeschool is a finalist in the 2016 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Since this is a people’s choice award, all the votes come from podcast listeners like you.

After 6 years, The Wired Homeschool has finally reached the final round for a Podcast Award! As far as I know, The Wired Homeschool is the first homeschool podcast to receive this honor. It will certainly be the first to win an award if that happens.

A BIG thanks to Daniel J. Lewis and the listeners of the podcasts over at the Noodle.MX Network for helping with the nomination. He included my podcast along with others as suggestions. Make sure you thank him!

I’m in the education category with other great podcasts but I think we can make some noise! Here’s the deal: voting starts at midnight on May 29, 2016 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on June 12, 2016. You can vote once per day every day. I’ll be sending out daily reminders via Twitter and Facebook so follow me on those social media platforms if you’d like those reminders.

So what happens next? I need you, the listeners, to vote for The Wired Homeschool! Also, would you pass this along to the homeschooling community? It would be great if a homeschooling podcast could win the award. Let’s do this! While you’re at it, you may want to vote for some other podcasts too.

Visit, checkmark the podcasts that get your vote, fill out the brief form, and confirm your vote via email. That’s it! It only takes a minute or two.

Resourceful Designer
The Productive Woman
Government & Organizations
Congressional Dish
Kids & Family
Dad Spotlight
The Bugcast
People’s Choice
The Hollywood Outsider
Sports & Recreation
Packers Fan Podcast
The Audacity to Podcast
TV & Film
ONCE – Once Upon a Time Podcast

If you’d like a daily reminder to vote, please check out Daniel’s mailing list. He’ll send you a reminder every day.

During the voting period, I’ll release daily mini-podcasts. Each podcast will be one of 15 ways you can incorporate STEM and STEAM learning into your homeschooling.

I’ll also try to do daily Periscope reminders that will include these tips.

The podcasts will only remain in the podcast feed for 24 hours. At the end of the voting, all 15 tips will be put into one episode without all the voting reminders.

Voting starts on May 29, 2016 and you can vote every day for 15 days! Vote early and vote often! Thank you for your support!

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