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Guest AppearancesThe other day I was thinking about people I’d like to interview for the podcast and while pondering that I realized that I’ve been a guest on many other shows too! Here’s a rundown of all of my guest appearances in 2014 (in no particular order).

Podcaster’s Roundtable

PR025 – Promotion Police featuring Grammar Girl | Podcasters’ Roundtable

What do you do if someone promotes your podcast but you don’t necessarily agree with their content? Do you care? Is there such a thing as “bad press?” At any time, someone can share your content with their own audience be it a simple word-of-mouth mention or sharing your logo, content, or promo. But what if your personal beliefs or brand don’t align with theirs? Do you worry that you’ll be seen as associated with their brand or is any promo, good promo?
Watch +Ray Ortega, +David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis +Mignon Fogarty and +John Wilkerson discuss the topic of podcast promotion and whether or not you feel it’s necessary to “police” your brand.

That Story Show (formerly Nobody’s Listening)

EP 209 – Speedo Gun – That Story Show – Formerly Nobody’s Listening

Unsocialized Media

016 Poverty Thinking

Homeschooling IRL

Episode 19 – What Homeschooling Dads Wish Their Wives Knew

It’s time for an episode that’s all about the men, don’t you think? So did we.

On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, Fletch shoots the breeze with three other homeschooling dads. They talk micro-management, competition amongst homeschoolers, and what they really think about curriculum and homeschool conventions. And what does it mean to be the “Principal”, anyway?

Join Fletch, Michael T. Hansen of The Great Commission Transmission Network, Shane Pitt (husband of blogger and conference creator Cheryl Pitt), and John Wilkerson of The Wired Homeschool as they discuss what homeschooling dads wish their wives knew.

Episode 28: The Internet in Real Life

We live in an internet age and most of us have at least one portal to the World Wide Web in our homes. We can all agree that the ‘net is a great tool in our homeschools, but how do we keep our kids from making the wrong turn as they navigate the web?

Join us as we talk with The Wired Homeschool podcaster John Wilkerson and discover ways to help our kids learn to use the Internet safely.

Homeschool Leadercast

Episode 54: John Wilkerson on Technology in Homeschooling, Online Safety and The Wired Homeschool Blog & Podcast – The Homeschool Leadercast

Four Point Families

08082014: John Wilkerson from The Wired Homeschool

The Podcasting Gear Show

011 – The Podcasting Gear Show – Portable Podcasting With Ease – John Wilkerson From The Wired Homeschool Podcast Talks About The Bossjock Studio App

012 – The Podcasting Gear Show – XLR or USB Microphone: You Don’t Have To Choose – John Wilkerson From The Wired Homeschool Podcast Talks About The Audio Technica ATR 2100 Microphone

Ask the Podcast Coach

Lavalier Microphones – iTunes Frustrations

There are times when your podcast is being outranked by a show that hasn’t done an new episode in years. The quick answer is no. Ask your audience to review you. While nobody knows the exact algorithm, we believe total subscribers, and total downloads are involved and there isn’t much you can do about that but try to get more downloads and more subscribers.

School of Podcasting

How To Podcast with Seven Kids in the House – 9 Years Of Experience

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