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My two oldest girls and I recently had the opportunity to see Grant Imahara from Mythbusters speak at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  If you ever get a chance to see him speak I highly recommend that you take your kids to see him, especially if they’re fans of Mythbusters or Star Wars.

Grant spoke for about 70 minutes about his work with ILM (George Lucas’ special effects company) and Mythbusters.  During the presentation he shared some great stories about his work and how his electrical engineering degree helped him with his career.

Something you may not know: Grant Imahara has portrayed C-3PO (originally portrayed by Anthony Daniels) in commercials and at public appearances around the world.  He also was on the design team for R2-D2 while working at ILM.

Grant Imahara C-3PO

Grant Imahara as C-3PO

Grant’s enthusiasm for his work really came out in his talk.  The anecdotes and humorous stories he shared about his experiences on the set of Mythbusters really help to bring a new light to the show.

This talk was PG as it’s primarily intended for a college audience so you don’t need to worry about your ‘tweens and teens hearing anything offensive or objectionable.  There were a few innuendos but nothing you wouldn’t read in books or hear on TV and movies aimed at the YA audience.

This presentation was a great way to expand my girls’ exposure to science and how it can be applied to “real life”. It served as a field trip that was informative, educational, and fun.

Taking your kids to hear people speak about their passion for math and science (or any topic) and how they’ve used it in their career is a great way to spark an interest in their lives.  Grant Imahara didn’t disappoint and he shared his passion for science and technology with humor and charisma in a way that’s accessible to adults and young adults.

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