Google Docs vs Windows Live Office – WHS 18

Last week I compared MS Office to Open Office.  This week I’ll be talking about Google Docs and Windows Live Office.

Google Docs has been around for  long time and when Micorsoft announced that they would be releasing a competing product many people scoffed at the idea.  I think that if you’re familiar with MS Office you’ll find Windows Live Office much easier to use and understand.  While Office Live doesn’t have the collaborative features of Google Docs 90% of you will be able to use Office Live and not miss a step.

Google Docs has been aroound a little longer has more features plus near real-time collaboration that will allow you to work with others and change the document on the fly.  It supports more formats for importing but when it comes to basic editing features there’s not much there that Office Live doesn’t have.

It’s really a toss-up when it comes to which product to use.  If you already have a Windows Live id then use Office Live.  If you already have a Google account use Google Docs.  Have both?  Try them both out.  I will say this: if you;re looking for the highest level of compatibility with Office documents you’ll want to stick with Office Live.

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