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Author’s note: This product has been discontinued but you may want to consider other projects from Creation Crate.

When I heard about Girls That Make I reached out and asked for a sample project in exchange for a review here on the blog. They agreed and my daughter and I both couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Subscription boxes have been around for years. The concept is really simple. You pay a monthly fee and receive either a project or a box of goodies.

Girls That Make is a subscription box service that sends you wearable tech projects every month. Even though this is marketed to girls, my boys were dying to work on this project with my daughter and me. I held my ground and told them this was a project for the two of us.


The project arrives in a really cool box with everything you need to build your project. No soldering is required which makes this great for younger kids too. Ours was shipped with the wrong sized needle so we got started with one we had lying around the house. It took a few weeks for the replacement needles to arrive.

Girls That Make Box Contents

The instructions provided are thorough and explain the principles of electronics and how each component works. I like this. Many projects I’ve seen don’t explain the why or how which is so important when it comes to teaching STEM topics.

A unique part of these projects is the Facebook Messenger videos you can watch while working. The videos show you how to complete the steps of the project and explain some of the concepts.

We tried watching some of the videos but couldn’t get all of them to work. We eventually gave up and continued without them. These videos aren’t critical to completing the project but they help. It would be nice if there was a website where we could access them and see them on a larger screen.

My daughter and I had a lot of fun working on this project. We worked way past her bedtime to complete it. This is a great way for dads to get someone one-on-one time with their girls.

Final Thoughts

Girls That Make subscription boxes come every month. If you order a 12-month subscription they cost $29.99 each plus $5 each for shipping. Buying them individually adds $10 to each project so a subscription is recommended.

These projects are designed to build off of each other. Concepts from one project are used in others. It’s a wearable electronics curriculum in a box delivered to you every month.

Your daughter (or son) will learn how and why these projects work. They’ll learn to code. There’s more here than just a cute project. Girls That Make is a valuable addition to your homeschool curriculum.

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