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Taking the role of a rookie photographer for The Daily Smarm, players of Vector Tracker must use an alien device to find and photograph UFOs.  Along the way they’re assisted by an alien who explains how to use the device.  The faster the player can calculate the correct vector the better the photograph and resulting score.  Your boss, Sam Serif, is looking for an award-winning photo so don’t delay in getting to the locations on the grid.

Vector Tracker comes from Twist Education, the makers of Zombeez Slasher (check out my review of Zombeez Slasher).  This time Twist Education has taken on the task of teaching vectors and comes through with an entertaining  and educational game.

Players are presented with a location on a grid.  The goal is to get to the location on the grid using x,y coordinates.  At first it’s simple enough because you’re only using one set of coordinates.  The difficulty level increases when you need to start adding and subtracting vectors to get to your final location.  The faster you get to the location the better the picture you’ll take when you get there and the happier your boss will be with your efforts.

As a new concept is added to the game (for example, adding vectors) the alien and Sam Serif explain the concept and provide players with instructions for implementing those concepts in the game.  I found this approach to be helpful.  Each level builds upon concepts used in the previous ones.

In addition to the game-play, there is also a portion of the app where kids can learn vector basics and about careers that utilize vectors.  This little addition rounds out the app nicely.  If your kids don’t know about vectors this is a great place to start with them.  you could even incorporate the information here into a lesson plan.

With 30 levels of difficulty, Vector Tracker will keep your kids busy for hours.  I’d recommend this game for kids 12 and older.  They really need to have a strong grasp on vectors and how to add and subtract them if they want  to advance past the 13th level.  It can get very challenging once they’re subtracting vectors and having to change magnitudes.  In fact, the difficulty level ramps up quickly and will present adults with a challenge.

Twist Education produced another great game that gets my stamp of approval.  Use it as an incentive when they’ve finished their math homework.  Now where’s my camera?  I think I saw a UFO!

Vector Tracker by Twist Education is available in the iTunes store for $2.99 and is  compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.  Rated 4+


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