Family Safety And Technology: The Best Tools To Keep Your Family From Harm [Guest Post]

Family Safety ToolsIf you’re a parent, keeping your family safe is likely the top priority throughout the year. It can be increasingly difficult to do that, however, as your kids get older and more independent. Even when children are young, it’s hard to keep tabs on them every minute of the day; anyone with a toddler knows how lightning-quick they are.

The good news is that there are tools you can use to keep everyone as safe as possible when they aren’t within your eye-line, no matter what age they are. Technology is really a parent’s best friend, so use it to your advantage. While some of the gadgets on the market are a little expensive, they’re worth the price if they can give you peace of mind. Here are some of the best gadgets and apps.

Swimming pool alarm

If your family enjoys a pool in the backyard during summer months, you already know the safety concerns involved with small or special-needs children. When adding safety features to your home, consider investing in a pool alarm that will let you know when any object over 18 pounds goes into the water.

Personal alarms

If you have a child who walks to school, or a teen who has just moved into a dorm, you’ve likely already thought of all the dangers that could befall them. In today’s world, it’s definitely a good idea to prepare young people on how to protect themselves. Personal alarms are one of the best ways, as they don’t require any skill to use and are legal to carry. You can find a simple alarm that fits on a keychain and looks like a device for unlocking a car.

Use apps to your advantage

Smartphones may be more of an annoyance to parents than a useful tool, but they truly can be helpful in scary situations. With apps like Life360, you can keep track of where your family members are as well as use it to communicate with them in case of an emergency. The app also carries a map which shows you the nearest hospitals and other resources to your loved ones.

Protect little minds

It’s not just physical danger that kids have to worry about; there’s also information from outside sources that parents might not agree with. These days, it seems like bad language, sex, and violence are everywhere, even in movies that are aimed at young audiences. With ClearPlay, you can edit out anything you don’t want your little ones to see or hear.

Don’t forget the Internet

Most kids use social media, apps, and games every day, so it’s a good idea to monitor them as best you can. While you can’t be everywhere at once, you can use programs like Net Nanny to help keep your loved ones safe from pornography sites, cyber-bullying, and online predators. The program even lets you set time limits, so you know your child isn’t spending too many hours online.

It’s almost a full-time job, keeping our kids safe, and while it may be overwhelming at times, it can certainly help to have backup in the form of technology. Taking small steps now could save you stress and worry later.

sean-learnfitSean Morris is a former social worker turned stay-at-home dad. He knows what it’s like to juggle family and career. He did it for years until deciding to become a stay-at-home dad after the birth of his son. Though he loved his career in social work, he has found this additional time with his kids to be the most rewarding experience of his life. He began writing for to share his experiences and to help guide anyone struggling to find the best path for their life, career, and/or family.

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