Don’t Go iPad Pro and Save a Lot of Dough – WHS 164

At their yearly product announcement event, Apple revealed some new products that have this homeschool dad drooling. But are these new products something a homeschooler might include in their tech repertoire?


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1. iPad Pro – 12.9″ with optional keyboard cover and stylus (Pencil). Prices start at $799 and $949 for 32GB and 128GB models, respectively. Smart Keyboard and Pencil will cost you and additional $169 and $99, respectively. While the tech here looks enticing I would rather purchase a Macbook Air for $999 because of its versatility over the iPad Pro.

2. iPad Mini 4 – All the tech that’s in the iPad Air has been miniaturized and stuffed into a 7.9″ form factor. At $399 the iPad Mini 4 is the same price as the iPad Air for the same technology. You’re better off spending $349 in the iPad Mini 2 with 64GB instead of fighting with the paltry 16GB of storage on both the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air.

3. Apple TV – Honestly, Apple is playing catch-up here. Many other streaming TV devices already have many of the features that were announced in the new Apple TV. Yes, Apple does it more elegantly but unless you only have Apple products in your house I would skip the Apple TV’s premium price of $169 and go with a more versatile device like the Chromecast or Roku 3.

4. iPhone 6S – Every year millions of people buy the latest iPhone and that means homeschoolers can get previous models at lower prices. This is a great opportunity to find a great deal on an iPhone 5S or 6 with more RAM. If you really must have a new phone, Apple has introduced an upgrade program that will allow you to pay for your new iPhone over 24-months with the option of upgrading in 12 months.

What do you think about the new hardware announce by Apple? Will you be online reserving a new iPhone 6S?

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  • Aaron Tweeton

    Thanks for the details about the iPad Pro, and for carefully giving your two cents without offending those of us of the Apple “religion” (just kidding). I’m looking forward to your insights on iOS 9.

    • Thanks for listening and commenting, Aaron. I think Apple has great premium products but I know most homeschoolers don’t like paying premium prices. If I could do it over again, I’d probably buy into the Apple eco-system but it’s not possible now. I will talk about iOS 9 next week. So far, not too impressed.

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