WHS 62 – Champlain Mini Maker Faire Report – The Wired Homeschool

Despite the rain, cold and wind, the Champlain Mini Maker Faire sparked the interests or young people to create, invent, and innovate.

After a two and one-half hour drive to Shelburne, VT I arrived at the Maker Faire ready to be inspired. I thought for sure that the rain would keep away the crowds but it was packed! People were milling around checking out the booths. In many places people were shoulder-to-shoulder checking out demonstrations from makers all over Vermont.

Some of the more popular attractions that afternoon were the rocket launches and pumpkin/watermelon chuckin’. Watching controlled explosions and fruit fly 500′ into Lake Champlain caused quite a commotion.

Not to be outdone, many makers dealt with crowds around their tables all day. The lock-picking table, robot teams, and more spent as much time down crowd management as demonstrating their skills.

Listen in as I share about the highlights on the day.

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