CES 2019 Round-Up WHS – 240

This year at CES, there were a number of themes amid all the tech that was on display. This is the third year in a row I’ve covered CES from afar and each year things get more and more interesting.

Last year, I had reports from people at CES but I was unable to coordinate any interviews or recordings from participants. Instead, I will take a look at three trends I noticed at this year’s event.

Voice Assistants Everywhere

Voice assistants are showing up everywhere: cars, bathrooms, kitchens. How do we train our kids to responsibly access information when it’s always a voice command away?

Parent-Focused Tech

With so many well-connected parents these days, tech companies are focusing on parents that have always had devices in their hands. How is this information used? Should we be concerned about our kids being under constant surveillance?

Robots and Automation

Robotic pets, autonomous vehicles, and closets that fold your laundry were on display at CES. Automation is great but can we become too dependent on it?

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