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Sold My Kindle Fire, Bought an iPad Mini, Recommend the Nexus 7 – WHS 70

A few months ago I sold my Kindle Fire in order to buy an iPad.  Originally, I intended to buy a refurbished iPad 3 ($379) because it was cheaper than a new iPad 2 ($399) and still came with the same warranty as a brand new iPad.  The Apple store online was out of the refurbished iPad 3 so I headed down to the local Apple Store on my lunch break to have a look at the Mini, not intending to buy it at all.

When I picked up the Apple Mini I knew immediately that this was the tablet for me.  Compared to the full-sized iPads in the store, the iPad Mini feels like a feather in your hands.


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The Homeschooler’s Guide to 7-inch Tablets – WHS 66

With today’s tablet market, homeschoolers have a number of choices when it comes to hand-held devices. Which one should you buy? That often depends on your needs and budget.

Let’s take a look at the major players in the tablet market and breakdown the competition. This week’s podcast compares the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, and Nexus 7 tablets.

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Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and iPhone 5 – WHS 60

There has been a lot of tech news in the past two weeks, I hit the highlights for you and and explain why there was no podcast last week.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Ignites Tablet War with Apple
Kindle FreeTime Gives Parents Added Control Over Tablet
The new iPhone 5 and why you don’t need one
Kimmel fools people into believing iPhone 4S is iPhone 5
Apple leads JD Power rankings for tablet satisfaction – Amazon Kindle Fire followsclose behind


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