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Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and iPhone 5 – WHS 60

There has been a lot of tech news in the past two weeks, I hit the highlights for you and and explain why there was no podcast last week.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Ignites Tablet War with Apple
Kindle FreeTime Gives Parents Added Control Over Tablet
The new iPhone 5 and why you don’t need one
Kimmel fools people into believing iPhone 4S is iPhone 5
Apple leads JD Power rankings for tablet satisfaction – Amazon Kindle Fire followsclose behind


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Kindle FreeTime Gives Parents Added Control Over Tablet – The Wired Homeschool

Along with the release of the new line of Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon announced Kindle FreeTime, a parental control app that gives kids their own sandbox to play in on their parent’s tablet.

Amazon today reinvented parental controls with Kindle FreeTime. FreeTime gives parents easy-to-use tools to personalize their children’s digital media experience. With FreeTime, parents never have to worry what content their kids will access—parents select all of the content their kids can see and kids can’t exit FreeTime without a password. FreeTime also lets parents limit their kids’ screen time by content type—they may choose to limit videos and games, for example, but make reading time unlimited. Kindle FreeTime will be available for free on all of the new Kindle Fire devices starting in the coming weeks. –Amazon press release

This is great news for parents who are planning to buy a new Kindle Fire. I’m still wondering if FreeTime will be available to download for current Kindle Fire owners.  The press release indicates it will be available for free on the new Kindle Fire but it doesn’t mention the cost for current Kindle Fire owners, if it’s even available.

Kindle-Fire-FREE-timeThese kinds of parental controls are what have been needed for a very long time.  I’m always a little concerned when I give my Fire to one of my kids that they’ll wander off on the Internet.  Now I can completely block the browser and set a time limit so there’s now arguing about how long they can use it.  I say 15 minutes, your time is up and now it shuts you down.  Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

How much would you pay for FreeTime?  Would you like to see an app like this on the iPad?  Leave you comments below!


Amazon Kindle Fire HD Ignites Tablet War with Apple

With the release of the Kindle Fire HD yesterday, Amazon is poised to challenge Apple’s dominance in the tablet market.


I don’t think we’ll see Apple losing much, if any, market share in the near future but with the new Kindle Fire HD, Amazon is sure to at least grab market share from other tablet makers like Samsung.

An article from All Things D lays out the basics of the new Kindle Fire line:

The new Kindle Fire HD models are 20 percent faster, with faster chips from Texas Instruments that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said outperform Nvidia’s Tegra 3. The tablets start with 16 gigabytes of onboard storage, compared with the original Kindle Fire’s 8GB of storage, claim more RAM and better batteries.

Most notably, Amazon went larger with the Kindle Fire HD, positioning it alongside Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad. One of the newer Fire models has an 8.9-inch HD screen with a 1920 x 1200 resolution display. Amazon claims there’s 25 percent less glare with this screen, too, with a laminated touch sensor. The 16GB, 8.9-inch tablet will cost $299 and ship November 20.

A 7-inch, 16GB version of the Kindle Fire HD costs $199, and ships September 14.

In addition, there’s a 4G, LTE-enabled, 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, that comes with 32GB of onboard storage, 20GB of cloud storage and a data plan, through AT&T, of 250 megabytes per month — for $50 per year. It’s available for pre-order today for $499 and ships on November 20. (To see how this compares with the new iPad — in Amazon’s eyes — check out this chart here.)

The original Kindle Fire tablet now costs $159.

All three are Wi-Fi-enabled, with two antennas; have HDMI ports, full Bluetooth capabilities and front-facing HD cameras.

So what does this all mean? You now have a respectable line of tablets that cost-conscious buyers can consider other than the iPad. It also means that I wasted $199 in May when I bought my Kindle Fire. Patience is a virtue I suppose.

These new tablets are sure to be over-shadowed by Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone and rumored iPad mini but I still think consumers who don’t have am iPad in their budget now have some great tablets to choose from.

Do the new Kindle Fires look interesting to you? Would you consider buying one over an iPad? Your comments are welcomed below.


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