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Did Felix Baumgartner Really Jump From the Edge of Space? [Infographic] – The Wired Homeschool

Popular Science released this infographic to show that although it looked like Felix Baumgartner was jumping from “the edge of space” he really wasn’t close.

So where does space begin?

There really isn’t a defined point at which the earth’s atmosphere and “outer space” begins. Our atmosphere intermingles with interstellar space over 10,000 km above sea level. In case you’re wondering, that’s roughly height where the International Space Station (ISS) orbits.

Most people refer to the Kármán line when they think about where space begins. Named after Theodore von Kármán (1881–1963), the Kármán line is the height at which an aircraft cannot maintain lift unless it’s travelling at orbital velocity. That distance is roughly 100km above sea level. The International Aeronautic Federation (IAF) selected the 100 km boundary because it’s easy to remember.


Happy Hexaflexagon Month – The Wired Homeschool

YouTuber Vi Hart has been releasing a series of videos on hexaflexagons. Hexaflexagons are flat strips of paper that can be folded to to reveal six faces (or sides) of the original 2-sided strip. It’s a hard concept to visualize but Vi’s videos do a great job of showing you what I can’t explain with my broken fingers.


Build a Simple Circuit from a Pizza Box (No Soldering)

When I find simple, creative ways to teach electronics to my kids I get excited. I found this simple project that will cost under $10 and teach your kids about circuit design without having to burn the tips of your fingers on a soldering gun.

Watch the video below and then head over to Instructables to get detailed instructions on building this fun project.


WHS 62 – Champlain Mini Maker Faire Report – The Wired Homeschool

Despite the rain, cold and wind, the Champlain Mini Maker Faire sparked the interests or young people to create, invent, and innovate.

After a two and one-half hour drive to Shelburne, VT I arrived at the Maker Faire ready to be inspired. I thought for sure that the rain would keep away the crowds but it was packed! People were milling around checking out the booths. In many places people were shoulder-to-shoulder checking out demonstrations from makers all over Vermont.

Some of the more popular attractions that afternoon were the rocket launches and pumpkin/watermelon chuckin’. Watching controlled explosions and fruit fly 500′ into Lake Champlain caused quite a commotion.

Not to be outdone, many makers dealt with crowds around their tables all day. The lock-picking table, robot teams, and more spent as much time down crowd management as demonstrating their skills.

Listen in as I share about the highlights on the day.

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