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Periscope Safety Tips for Parents and Teens

Periscope has gained a lot of momentum since Twitter acquired it in March 2015. If you’re not familiar with Periscope your teens probably are.

periscope safety tips for parents and teens

Periscope is a live-streaming app that allows users to broadcast video to the Internet from their smartphone. Replays are available for 24 hrs and then they are gone “forever”.

Along with the live broadcasts, there is a chat feature that allows people watching the broadcast to interact with other viewers and the broadcaster.

Additionally, if location services are enabled, viewers of your broadcast can find your precise location. Not good.

There are some legitimate concerns about what type of content your kids could see. The safety tips in this video will not eliminate the chance of your kids coming across inappropriate content but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.


1. Disable location services.
2. Only watch broadcasts from trusted scopers.
3. Disable chat for non-followers.
4. Broadcast your scopes privately.
5. Supervised use for teens is highly recommended.
6. Parents should follow their teens on Periscope.

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How Safe is YouTube for Kids? – WHS 151

Many homeschoolers use YouTube every day for educational and entertainment purposes. There are a myriad of educational channels on YouTube that parents can use to supplement their homeschooling.

Sometimes parents can get a little blind to the more inappropriate content on YouTube until something shows up in a recommendation list.

Today I’ll talk about YouTube, how your kids are using it, and how you can protect younger kids from seeing inappropriate material.

How safe is YouTube for kids?

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Tumblr, Teens, and Trouble – WHS 148

Started in 2007, Tumblr has become an outlet for teens to express themselves without having to worry about peer pressure and judgmental comments from others.

Teens have flocked to the service because of its ease of use and ubiquity among their friends but hidden behind the fun animated GIFs and and cool pictures is a dark side that is hard to avoid if you’ve used Tumblr for any length of time.


Listen to the podcast or keep reading to find out.


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