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Homeschooling With Hulu? 10 Documentaries You Can Watch Now – WHS 241

Homeschooling With Hulu

Educational content is available all over the Internet. As streaming services become more popular, more educational documentaries become available to homeschoolers.

Previously, I’ve shared YouTube channels and documentaries on Netflix that are educational. In this episode of The Wired Homeschool, I share 10 documentaries you can find on Hulu right now that you can use for homeschooling.

The list reflects my leaning towards science and technology (especially, space) but you can find other interesting educational content on Hulu that covers topics like humanities, finances, and history. Continue Reading →


CES 2019 Round-Up WHS — 240

This year at CES, there were a number of themes amid all the tech that was on display. This is the third year in a row I’ve covered CES from afar and each year things get more and more interesting.

Last year, I had reports from people at CES but I was unable to coordinate any interviews or recordings from participants. Instead, I will take a look at three trends I noticed at this year’s event. Continue Reading →


Top 5 Blog Posts & Podcasts of 2018 – WHS 239

Throughout 2018, there were a number of blog posts and podcasts that readers and listeners found helpful.

Some of them were published this year, and some are more popular now than they have been in the past.

Here are the top five blog posts and podcasts for 2018. Continue Reading →


Getting Devices Ready for Giving with Michael Prince – WHS 237

Getting Devices Ready for Giving with Michael Prince

Michael Prince from BecauseFamily joins me again to discuss safe digital parenting.

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure any gifts you’re giving to your kids are safe and ready to use when they’re unwrapped.

Michael and I talk about some of the things you’ll want to do before handing a pocket-computer over to your kids this Christmas. Continue Reading →


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