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Managing Your Kids’ Screen Time with Kirk Martin – WHS 219 [Interview]

Managing Your Kids' Screen Time

Managing your kids’ screen time when you homeschool can sometimes feel like a daunting task. How much is too much?
How do you get your kids to step away from the computer?

Kirk Martin is the founder of Celebrate Calm and has given over 600,000 parents and teachers in 19 countries very specific, practical strategies to stop the yelling, defiance, and power struggles. He has been featured in USA Today, Parade Magazine, Parenting Magazine, and appeared on many TV and radio shows giving his timeless, practical advice for calm parenting.

Kirk, with his son Casey, speak to teachers and parents in schools and at conferences throughout the world. Today on The Wired Homeschool Kirk Martin will share some advice and techniques for managing how much time your kids spend in front of the computer and other screens.

Email Kirk and let him know you heard him on The Wired Homeschool.
Want to hear more from Kirk? Check out his podcast.
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Google Pixel 2 Event Initial Reaction – WHS 217

Google Pixel 2 Event

Google’s recent Pixel 2 event revealed some exciting technology that homeschoolers will be able to take advantage of in their homes.

Not everything announced looks to be immediately useful in the homeschooler’s toolbox but there are a few interesting things that parents may want to keep their eyes on.

In this mini episode of The Wired Homeschool I give you my quick takes on most of the products that were announced. Continue Reading →


Osmo Genius Kit Review – WHS 216

Osmo Genius Kit Review

The Osmo Genius Kit includes 5 hands-on games that foster creativity & problem solving skills: Masterpiece, Newton, Tangram, Numbers, and Words.

In this episode of The Wired Homeschool I’ll share my thoughts on the Osmo Genius Kit and preview some upcoming episodes.

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