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I received an email today from Jeff Schmitz over at

Cognitius has been renamed to Scholaric.

We’d like you to continue using the same homeschool planning, tracking, and organizing tools you’ve come to rely on, but at a new domain,
It is important that you switch to use, because the domain will soon point elsewhere.
Your lesson plans are available there right now, so make the switch today!
Thanks for your understanding and help during this transition.
The Scholaric Team

If you’ve used Cognitius in the past, make sure you change your bookmarks.

Don’t know about Scholaric?  Listen to the interview with the creator (Jeff Schmitz)  andlisten to my review.

If you have news about any online homeschool resources, feel free to send it my way: wiredhs (at) gmail (dot) com, post it on The Wired Homeschool Facebook page, or forward it my way on Twitter using @wiredhs in your update.


My Homeschool Transcripts Set to Launch on April 1, 2011 – The Wired Homeschool

NOTE: Since the release of this blog post, Steve has released a FREE version of My Homeschool Transcripts and lowered the price on the premium version.

In a previous podcast I spoke about the fact that manyhomeschoolers lack transcripts for their children who graduate and want to head to college.

There are many resources available for parents and a new one is on the horizon: My Homeschool Transcripts.

Developed by a homeschooler for homeschoolers, MyHST looks to be a very valuable tool in the homeschooler’s tool kit. Here’s yet another way to use technology to accelerate your homeschooling.

I hope to have an interview with Steve soon.  Until then, here’s information from the website’s “About” page:

My Homeschool Transcripts™ (MyHST) was developed beginning in 2007 by Steve Sensenig, a homeschool dad. At the time, Steve and his wife Christy were homeschooling their son (who has since graduated) and this application developed out of their own need to track his progress and prepare transcripts.

Our philosophy while developing this application has been simple: Every homeschool is unique, and the process of tracking high school records/grades, etc. is unique for each school. So the application needed to be extremely flexible to allow for just about any type of homeschool situation.

Need to adjust your own grading scale? Need to print a transcript by subject, rather than by year? Need to create your own custom subject names and class names? Need to keep track of lots of information about each class and print a report of course descriptions for each class a student has completed? Need to calculate a cumulative GPA and a projected GPA based on current grades? Need to print a transcript at 2:00 in the morning??

Well, now, there really is an app for that!

While there are a few software programs available from other vendors that allow you to generate transcripts for your homeschool, MyHST is one of only two or three available for use through a web browser (allowing you to use the application from any computer available to you). Additionally, MyHST is the only web-based transcript program that does not require you to pay an annual fee to access your own data. A one-time license fee of $79 grants you access to the application for use with your homeschool (no limit on the number of students you have in the system, as long as they are part of your homeschool), and that access is for life!

Furthermore, our research indicates that no other homeschool transcript program allows the amount of customization that MyHST allows. In other programs, you are often limited to their definitions of subjects and classes, and anything you want to do outside of that is relegated to the area of “elective”. With MyHST, you control every subject and every class, decide on the exact graduation requirements for each student within your homeschool, the number of grading periods per year, etc.

Are we the only solution available to help homeschools create transcripts? No, we are not. But we are the only ones that offer the flexibility MyHST includes, and we think that we can make the entire process of tracking progress and creating transcripts as simple as it can be without any hassles. Sign up now, and within minutes you’ll be on your way to doing it yourself–your way, to fit the needs and experience of your homeschool. Come join us, and turn My Homeschool Transcripts™ into Your Homeschool Transcripts!


New Report Shows Homeschooling is Still On the Rise – The Wired Homeschool

A new report released by NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) indicates that homeschooling is still on the rise.

According to the report released on January 3, 2011 there are approximately 2.2 million children being homeschooled between the ages of 7 and 12 in the United States.  The number of homeschooled students increased by approximately 7% since 2007.  This accounts for about 3.8% of all school-aged children in the U.S.

The report also indicates that it is difficult to calculate the number of “underground”homeschoolers.  “Underground homeschoolers are parents who choose not to comply with state laws.  A conservative estimate is that 10% of homeschoolers are “underground” in states that require registration of homeschooled students.

You can download and read the entire report here:


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