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Filtering Now Available in Covenant Eyes for iPhone – The Wired Homeschool

The latest release of Covenant Eyes for iPhone now support content filtering. From Breaking Free Blog:

Covenant Eyes Internet Browser FilterThe app was released in the winter of 2009 as an accountability tool: monitoring all websites visited through the browser app and sending a regular Internet report to “Accountability Partners” you choose (such as a parent, spouse, or friend).

Now the browser also filters Internet access, blocking websites using age-based settings. (Learn more about the rating system.)

Choose what you want the browser app to do. Do you want it just to monitor Internet activity? Buy just the Accountability service. Do you want it to block websites? Buy just the Filtering service. Or buy both if you want both services.

Buy multiple usernames and choose different services for people who use your devices. Have one username that just filters, another that just monitors, another that does both. It’s entirely up to you.

With the addition of filtering, parents can now provide comprehensive internet protection for their children. Not only will you get the award-winning reporting service provided by Covenant Eyes but you’ll also get a browser that filters unsafe content.

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Talking, Tips, and Tools for Responsible Internet Use – WHS 82

How do you make sure your kids use the Internet responsibly? I’ll answer that question today with a “rough-draft” of my workshop topic for the downstate LEAH conference in 2 weeks.

internet safety

Listen in as I discuss how to talk to your kids about the Internet and give you some tools and tips to help you along the way.

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Covenant Eyes, iPads for Homeschooling, and Free Language Apps – WHS 81

Covenant Eyes announced filtering for iOS devices; iPads can be used by homeschoolers for more than just educational apps; and free language apps will help you parler français.

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