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How to Prevent iOS Apps from Accessing the Internet [Video]

A number of apps that your kids are using have web browsers hidden in them. They can use those browsers to get access to the entire Internet. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

Along with parental controls it’s a good idea to use a third-party browser like Covenant Eyes or X3Watch.

Sign up for Covenant Eyes and and use the promo code “wiredhs” when registering. You’ll get a 30-day free trial and help support The Wired Homeschool.

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Tumblr, Teens, and Trouble – WHS 148

Started in 2007, Tumblr has become an outlet for teens to express themselves without having to worry about peer pressure and judgmental comments from others.

Teens have flocked to the service because of its ease of use and ubiquity among their friends but hidden behind the fun animated GIFs and and cool pictures is a dark side that is hard to avoid if you’ve used Tumblr for any length of time.


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A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat – WHS 147

Snapchat used to be referred to as one of the most dangerous apps for kids to use. The original idea behind it was that any pictures you sent to another person would disappear forever*.

An infusion of venture capital in recent years has led to some changes at Snapchat. Now, major brands like Taco Bell, Intel, Acura, and the Philadelphia Zoo have a presence on the image-sharing app.

If your kids haven’t already asked to install Snapchat you can be assured that they will ask as soon as the find out “all of their friends” are using it too. So is it safe for your teens? What should you be aware of when using the service?
Parent's Guide to Snapchat

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What Parents Need to Know About Facebook – WHS 146

Facebook. The social media titan is everywhere. It’s on your computer, built into cell phones and other mobile devices. You probably can’t go a day without hearing about something someone saw on Facebook even if you don’t have an account.

what parents need to know about faacebook

When your kids start using social media it’s probably the first site they want to use because “all their friends are using it”. Your kids probably watch you use Facebook and ask if you’re going to post pictures of them online or some funny thing they said.

Facebook has become a part of most American’s lives and it’s not going away any time soon. It’s part of American and worldwide culture and as parents and homeschoolers we need to understand how to use it and how to protect our family’s privacy.

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