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Having recently discovered Pinterest, I decided I’d talk a little about how homeschoolers can use this virtual pin board to compliment their current homeschooling program.

If you do a search for the term “homeschool” on Pinterest you’ll get thousands of results that will take you on so many rabbit trails on the Internet you’ll end up in Wonderland. Homeschoolers have been active on Pinterest for some time now but the service has recently hit its stride and is getting adopted as a social media tool that individuals and companies are leveraging to find valuable resources (and customers in the case of companies) online.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been pinning to my pin boards, just go to

Cooperstown Home School Discovery Day – The Farmer’s Museum and National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown have collaborated to bring you a day of homeschool programming.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (9:00-12:30)
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum welcomes families and groups who participate in home education to a special day of programming on April 11th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Guided and self-guided exploration activities will be available for students in grades K-12 and will focus on the core subjects of math, science, social studies, the arts and character education.

Participating students will receive the education admission rate of $5.00/student and one adult chaperone per five students will be admitted free.

For more information or to register for the Hall of Fame’s Home School Discovery day call 607-547-0347 or email the education department at

The Farmers’ Museum (1:00-4:00)
Join us at The Farmers’ Museum this April 11 for a special day of programming designed specially for home schooled students. Two hour guided tours based on historic life and farming begin at 1:00 and end at 3:00. Attendees are welcome to stay at our museum to self-guide after the program with no additional admission cost. Admission for students is just $4.00 each, and one adult chaperone per five students will receive complimentary admission. Additional adults will receive a special education discount of $9.00 per person.

Reservations are required for this event. Please call (607) 547-1461 or email for more information and to save your space today!

Apps for Homeschooling – If you’re looking for great apps that you can use for homeschooling then this is the place for you.  iOS, Android, and Nook devices are all covered. Continue Reading →


Geek Dads Think of Themselves as Cool [Infographic] – The Wired Homeschool

Last year Cisco commissioned a survey of 590 men ages 25-54 with children ages 17 and under. The survey found that although there are many benefits to being a geek dad, there’s also a downside – like having to do all the family tech support.

cisco geek dadCisco’s survey reveals geek dads think they’re cool

What’s a “geek dad”? Cisco defines the term:

A “geek dad” is a father who is enthusiastic about technology and knowledgeable about the latest innovations. The Confessions of a Geek Dad survey* conducted in December by Answers Research, found that 71 percent of geek dads say they spend more time doing activities with their kids than their fathers did with them. Today’s geek dads have a wide variety of interests, including being music lovers (82 percent), outdoor enthusiasts (65 percent), all-around fix-it guys (79 percent), gaming fanatics (78 percent) and sports buffs (77 percent). In fact, 70 percent of geek dads say their kids think they are cool because they’re a tech geek. And when called a “tech geek” by their kids, 87 percent say that makes them feel proud or humored. Also, most geek dads (69 percent) say they’re cooler than other dads, attributing their coolness factor to creating a home where their kids’ friends love hanging out (75 percent).

Are you a geek dad? Do you find yourself doing all the tech support in the house? Is your house the cool place to hang out? Let me know in the comments.

Download the full infographic!


Are Your Kids Obsessed With Facebook? [Infographic] – The Wired Homeschool

Hat tip to Luke Gilkerson over at the Breaking Free Blog for finding this infographic.

Where do you and your kids fall in the categories mentioned? Do you or your kids check Facebook first thing in the morning? Are your parents on Facebook?

Hopefully you’re teaching your children to responsibly use technology so that when they head off to college they will be able to balance their on-line and off-line lives.


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