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Digital Dads – Is there an app for that? [Infographic] – The Wired Homeschool

Hey dads, we have a responsibility to make sure our kids get the best education on the planet. As homeschool dads we have an even greater responsibility.

Being a good dad in the digital age is getting harder and harder. We’re getting older, our kids are getting wiser and it’s hard to keep up with the latest social media fads.

Despite the struggles we face as parents in keeping a balance in our homes when it comes to the use of technology, we also notice the benefits of modern technology. This infographic shares some of the ups and downs of being a “digital dad”. Continue Reading →


Where are all the homeschool dads hiding? – The Wired Homeschool

Listen up, dads! Where are you hiding? I’d really like to have a virtual man-cave where we can all get together and talk about homeschooling. Most of us dads aren’t very active (I’m working on that). We push out our chests when we capitalize on a teachable moment but our wives are usually doing the daily grind of schooling our kids.

I know some of you are out there and you have blogs or a somewhat popular presence on the intertubes but what about the rest of you? I get email from moms all the time telling me that their husband is into tech but I hardly ever here from you guys! What gives?

Consider this your chance to get the word out about your blog, etc. I want to hear from you! Comment below and I will add your info to this post. Let’s get a list of homeschooling dads going so that we can share/follow/encourage each other.

If I initially left you off the list, please don’t feel offended. My brain is only running on half a cup of decaf coffee this morning.

This list will eventually morph into a blogroll which will be posted in the sidebar. I’ve decided to create a public Twitter list so you can see the updates from these fine homeschooling dads.

Homeschool Dads

Jay Ryan (@jayryanastro) –
Gerald McKoy (@geraldmckoy) –
Todd Wilson (@youdadad) –
Farren Constable (@Farren) – Homeschool Tech Topics
Steven David Horwich (@homeschoolcurr) –
Steve Sensenig (@pianosteve) –
Joel Rosenberger (@joelrosenberger) –
David Roller (@homeschooldad) –
Jeff Schmitz (@scholaric) –
Jeffrey Hite (@jahite) –
Mike Prince (@kmichaelprince) –
Joel Dittmer (@jdgeek) –
Allen Paul (@allencpaul) –
Jason Bean (@bnpositive) – Homeschool Daddy
Gandalf Hudlow (@MyKidsBrain) – My Kid’s Brain Blog
Larry Pruett –
Chuck McKnight (@ChuckMcKnight) –
Jackie Bledsoe (@jbledsoejr) –
Scott Moore (@thecallofmen) – The Call of Men
Kevin Gainey (@kevingainey) –

If you know of anyone else who should be added to this list, please add them and don’t forget to add yourself by leaving a comment below.



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