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Notes on the Nightstand

I don’t really have a nightstand. I have a bookcase next to my bed.

One night I went to bed and found two notes next to my alarm clock on the bookcase next to my bed. They were from my two oldest daughters. I’ll translate them into dad-speak:

You are so awesome and cool! I bet you could slay a dragon with a toothpick!.”

It feels awesome when I get notes from my girls.

It got me to thinking, “If I get a charge like that from notes my girls write, how much would they like a note from their dad?”

Time to start writing.


Announcing Faith Fridays – The Wired Homeschool

Beginning this Friday,  I’ll be sharing some articles about faith and fathering.  I’m tentatively collecting these together in a series titled, Faith Fridays.


Photo by maveric2003

This is part of a consolidation effort on my part.  I’ve had numerous blogs over the years that have concentrated on specific topics.  I’m going to take the best articles from those blogs and post them here.  Some will be repeats, some are drafts that have languished in a slush pile for months, dare I say, years.

Rather than blog all over the Internet, I’m going to start focusing all of my attention here.  Expect to start seeing articles that touch on other interests of mine.

Faith Fridays will feature articles that I’ve written about my faith or fathering.  Being a dad is hard and there aren’t enough dads out there talking about what it takes to be a good dad in our current culture.  It takes faith, fearlessness, and fortitude to lead our families today.  Hopefully by sharing what I’ve learned it will help others too.


How to Be a More Productive Homeschooler – The Wired Homeschool


Michael Hyatt’s most recent podcast, Become More Productive by Reengineering Your Morning Ritual really struck a chord with me this morning.

Perhaps it’s because for the past two mornings I’ve slept-in and showed up late to work or because deep down I know that my morning ritual (or routine) is flawed.

As a homeschooling dad (or mom) getting started in the morning can be one of the most stressful and difficult times of the day. Getting an early, productive start to the day sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Michael examined 7 steps that will help you refine your morning routine to make it a more productive experience. Briefly, they are:

1. Acknowledge that you already have a ritual.
2. Document your existing ritual.
3. Evaluate whether or not it is producing the results you want.
4. Determine the results you want (and don’t want).
5. Reengineer your current ritual.
6. Implement your ritual.
7. Tweak your ritual as necessary.

I’m not going to go into detail on these steps, listen to Michael’s podcast for that, but I do want to point out that we homeschoolers don’t often view ourselves from a professional point of view.

Personal and professional productivity tips and tools can go a long way in helping us as homeschool parents to do our “jobs” with an intentional mindset. We are leaders, entrepreneurs, and the CEOs of our homeschools. The more we view our calling to homeschool as a profession (no matter what style of teaching you subscribe to) and the more intentional we become in educating our children the better off they will be.

As a side benefit, we’ll be modeling leadership skills that they can use when they get older.

What do you think? Do you think studying leadership skills can help in your homeschooling? Leave a comment below!


WHS 54 – Advice for Geek Husbands

The honeymoon is over, guys. By now you’re used to waking up next to your wife after listening to her snore all night. You didn’t know she snored. Her hair looks like a rat’s nest and her breath stinks. There’s something else that stinks too.

No, I’m not talking about your breath. I’m talking about your relationship. The thrill is gone and you don’t know why. First, let me say that if you’re reading this on your smartphone and your wife is in the room with you then you need to stop. Now. Come back to this later and talk to your wife.


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