Brenton O’Brien and the Edison Robot – WHS 184

Brenton O’Brien and the Edison Robot – WHS 184

Brenton O’Brien invented the Edison robot so that parents and schools could get started with robotics easily and for a low price.

If you’ve ever wanted to get started with robotics the Edison robot is a great resource. In this interview, Brenton O’Brien shares about the process of creating Edison, his philosophy behind the project, and more.

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About Brenton O’Brien

Brenton O’Brien is the creator of Edison. For nearly 10 years he’s been having a ball creating all types of robots. Over this time Brenton launched some really popular robots that use his Microbric construction system.

About the Edison Robot

Edison is for students of all ages and also for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. You can buy a single robot for under $50 and learn computer programming just like other robotics systems which can cost much, much more. Edison is a great resource for teachers as classroom sets are now very affordable for schools – it’s now possible to have one robot per student. Edison is modular and LEGO® compatible. He provides a scalable way to build any size robotic invention.

  • Affordable – Less than US$50 each and just US$33 each for a full class set
  • Programmable – Free open-source graphical programming software
  • LEGO® compatible – Modular and easily expandable
  • Easy to use – Has many pre-programmed functions activated by barcodes
  • Remote control – Learns commands from TV/DVD remote controls
  • Suitable for all ages – From 5 to 95
  • Built to last – Yes, the car scene in the video is real!

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