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One of the hurdles homeschooled children face when seeking admission to college is the lack of an “official” transcript. One of the ways you can creatively meet that requirement is by having your high school student blog about their schoolwork.

A blog is basically an online diary, it’s a way to share information about yourself and others online. One of the easiest ways to start blogging is by using It’s free and easy and I think it’s a great way for your child to share their schoolwork and projects with others, especially college admissions counselors. Think of it as an online resume.

I’m not suggesting that every single day your child blogs about what pages in history he read or how many quadratic equations he solved. Rather, he should share those things that stand out like projects, book reports, essays, and any volunteer opportunities.

By posting digital copies of his work online, your child can have a readily available prospectus of his school work to show to a college advisor. It will also demonstrate his grasp of a subject and showcase his interests.

A word of caution: this blog should only contain school-related material. In fact, I recommend not linking to any outside sources that aren’t used as reference material or contain information pertinent to a particular subject. This is a showcase of your child’s work, not a personal blog.


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  • One of the hurdles homeschooled children face when seeking admission to college is the lack of an “official” transcript.

    How ironic that you should write these words just a day before I announce on Facebook that I’m close to launching my transcript application 😉

  • A heads-up would have been nice! No worries, we’ll get it covered with a special edition during the off-season.

  • I agree with much of the content that you shared. Many homeschoolers today that are not specifically teaching for academics neglect thinking about their transcripts until the last minute. With some effort and preparation this could be alleviated with the information that you have shared in combination with Steve Sensenig’s transcript creator.

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