Behavioral Effects of Extended Computer Use – WHS 25

Do your children get antsy when they haven’t used the computer all day? Perhaps they have a sense of entitlement because they completed their chores and schoolwork so they feel they can now use the computer, play video games, or watch TV.

In today’s world it’s almost impossible to avoid computer use. At some point or another your children will need to learn to use a computer. Once you open that door just a crack it feels like a floodgate has been opened and now all your child wants to do is use the computer.

I found in my family this is the case and combating this attitude can get quite difficult. Each child is different and their affinity for the computer or video games is different.

While I’m no expert I’ve observed the following behavior in my children (I have 7 children ranging in age from 3 to 16) that emerges:

  • Limited, routine use can still lead to a sense of entitlement
  • Children don’t perceive use of electronics as a privilege
  • Using the computer or video games as a reward can back-fire
  • Computers and other media (like DVDs) should be used as supplement rather than primary curricula

Again, this is all from my personal observations and I’m by no means an expert. You may want to have a look as some of these websites for more information:

Young children’s video/computer game use: relations with school performance and behavior.
The Impact of Video Games on Children
Using Computer Technology to Improve Computer Achievement

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